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Ex-patriot families with children face the difficult problem of choosing a school. Some prefer to place their kids in Italian schools, hoping to help them assimilate and learn the language. But for many others, including many native Roman families, the choice of an international school seems smarter. The children are taught in English, and are prepared for the International Baccalaureate, which means that when the time come for college they can choose any school in the world, including American and British universities.
The Rome Association of International Schools (RISA) was founded in 1974 by headmasters and principals, in an effort to share ideas and stay current with changing educational trends in English-speaking countries.
They developed an International School Curriculum, which is designed to encourage cultural awareness, provide a stimulating learning environment and present a program that responds to the educational criteria of the mother countries of students and their parents. The curriculum focuses on preparing students who might return to complete their schooling in their home countries, giving them maximum options for university and professional choices. Although standards are high in all Rome's international schools, environment and philosophies vary. The association is a good place to start your search ( www.romeschools.org ).

Ambrit Rome International
Ambrit accepts children from early childhood age through elementary and middle school. The school's program focuses on an international education, strongly emphasizing cultural and community awareness and respect for the environment. Much attention is placed on high academic standards and stimulating each child to achieve his or her full learning potential while encouraging independence, self-esteem, and personal maturity. Classroom activities are geared to encourage cooperative and experimental learning.  Ambrit fulfills the requirements of the British National and Massachusetts State curriculum and in accordance with their dual-language program, the Ambrit curriculum committee is currently at work aligning Ambrit's curriculum to reflect the changes in the Italian curriculum. The school is equipped with library, art room, music room, computer lab, theatre, ESL room, ample playground space and sports fields. Students are offered school trips ranging from lower-grade zoo excursions to upper grade visits to Verona and other Italian cities. There is also a summer camp program. Located on ten-acres overlooking the Tiber, with transportation available to all areas of Rome.
Via Filippo Tajani, 50 tel 06 559 5305

American Overseas School (AOSR)
Founded in 1946, AOSR is a day and boarding school located on Rome's northside. Early on, enthusiastic parents and the United Sates government invested resources in order to expand the school grounds and enhance academic facilities. Present enrollment stands at 400 students from the local and international community. The AOSR academic program is geared to meet educational challenges in an ever-changing society. Strong emphasis is placed on character development, intellectual reasoning and the importance of understanding international societies. Children are encouraged to embrace the cultural differences and the student body comes from a diversity of backgrounds. International Baccalaureate program and testing center.
Via Cassia, 811 tel 06 334 381  (Cassia) 

Core International School
Staffed by British and Commonwealth teachers, the school's policy is to keep classes small. All classes are conducted in English, although children from five to eleven years of age take an Italian language course. During the first two years this consists of stories, games, etc. designed to enrich vocabulary. In the following four years children are offered the choice of continuing the oral program or joining an intensive course, with a qualified Italian teacher, in reading, writing and grammar in preparation for entry into the Italian school system. Library, video and computer facilities.
Via Orvinio, 20 tel 06 862 11614   (Salario near Villa Ada)

Greenwood Garden School
A pre-school to kindergarten facility, for children two through six years of age. An English as a Second Language program is available for elementary children in the afternoons. A minibus services the northern part of Rome.
Via Vito Sinisi, 5 tel 06 332 66 703 (Cassia)  

Kendale Primary international School
Set in a residential area with a garden and a tranquil open grazing field, the school maintains high academic standards. Emphasis is placed on helping the child develop individual talents. Civil behavior, self-esteem and respect describe a  few of the qualities the school aims to impart to their students. The faculty is all English mother tongue, but an intensive course in Italian is offered to older students.
Via Gradoli, 86 Tel 06 332 676 08 (Cassia)    

Marymount International School-Rome
A private Catholic school, with admission open to students from all nationalities and religious backgrounds, Marymount is known for its highly-praised academic program, extracurricular activities, modern facilities and a strong college preparatory program offering a US secondary school diploma as well as the International Baccalaureate diploma. Early childhood through American grade 12. A  full range of varsity sports is offered in secondary school with competition in the DoDD's league throughout Italy and Europe. The curriculum also includes photography, drama, art, French and Spanish. Computer lab, art studios, music room. Private lessons in piano, voice, guitar, violin, flute and cello are offered. Located on the spacious grounds of the historic Villa Lauchli. Extensive bus service and hot lunch are available. Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and the European Council of International Schools (ECIS).
Via di Villa Lauchli, 180 Tel 06 362 9101  (Vigna Clara/Cassia)

The New School
The school follows the English National Curriculum from nursery through secondary school. Its educational program is recognized by the Italian Ministry for Education and it is an official examination center for Edexcel, and the University Of Cambridge International Examinations (CIE). Students can be prepared for the Italian State exams (5a Elementare and 3a Media) and the American SATs. The curriculum includes drama, music and information technology, as well as sports, including archery and tennis, fully equipped chemistry and biology laps, computer studio, art studio, music and drama rooms. The school was founded in 1972 by a group of concerned parents and teachers who saw the need to create an academic environment in which the teacher-student ratio was low, and emphasis was placed on high academic achievement. The school is recognized by the Italian Ministry of Education and is a member of the Council of British Independent Schools in the European Communities (COBISEC).    
Via della Camilluccia, 669 tel 06 329 4269   

Rome International School
Rome International's curriculum is based on a British Educational System. In Primary school, much attention is given to developing language and number skills. Cultural awareness is introduced in the lower grades and continues throughout all grade levels. The school opened in 1988, a sister school to the well-established International School of Milan, founded in 1958. Beginning with pre-school and elementary programs, the school expanded in 2001 to include middle school. A secondary school program is scheduled to be completed by 2010. Located on several acres of parkland in Parioli, facilities include classrooms, libraries, music room, theatre, science lab, and computer lab. Easy access to public transportation and school buses run a door to door service covering most areas of the city.
Viale Romania, 32 tel 06 8448 2651 (Parioli)

St. Francis International School
St Francis is an independent co-educational school servicing children in the international community, encompassing pre-school through grade eight. Both Italian and English as a second language are taught in the elementary school grades. A dress code is enforced for grades one through eight. The curriculum is designed to prepare children for British and American secondary schools. Located in northwest Rome, the school is housed in a modern facility equipped with a library, two large cafeterias, a gymnasium, a computer room basketball courts, a theatre, and extensive play areas.
Via delle Benedettine 50/b tel 06 355 11023 


St. George's International School
St. George's is a primary, middle and secondary school servicing the local and international community including diplomatic personnel and United Nations staff (FAO). One of the oldest international schools in Rome, the academic program is modeled on the British National curriculum, with high academic standards and an emphasis on moral conduct. Located on ample grounds with a cafeteria, gym, labs, libraries, football and cricket pitches, running track, hockey, volleyball, basketball, netball and tennis courts and the use of two swimming pools, athletic fields and playground areas. A school dress code is upheld. An efficient private transportation service is available.
Via Cassia - La Storta tel 06 308 6001  (Cassia)
Junior School: Via Spallanzani (off the Nomentana)

St. Stephens School
Founded in 1964 this private day and boarding school offers a rigorous classic liberal arts education, based on preparing children in six major academic areas, following an American curriculum. The school also provides Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate programs, facilitating wider university choices for students. Housed in a lovely old villa with a center courtyard, with excellent art, dance, music and theater programs, as well as a school trip program, allowing students the opportunity to visit other areas of Italy and Europe during scheduled school breaks. An easy and relaxed student-teacher relationship promotes learning.   Enrollment open to secondary school level (ages 14- 19 or grades 9 -12) as well as students in a post-graduate year.
Via Aventina, 3 tel 06 575 0605 (Aventina, adjacent to FAO and close to Circus Maximus)

Steiner School
Founded by Rudolf Steiner in Stuggart, Germany, today Steiner schools are spread throughout Europe. The Rome chapter enrolls children from Nursery to Middle School. Classes are conducted in Italian with German and English as second language choices.  The Steiner method of teaching places emphasis on nuturing the child's natural creative and inate abilities. Teachers incorporate story-telling and fantasy in teaching, using both as a valuable learning tool.     
Via della Benedetine, 10   (Monte Mario)  tel. 06 338 0791

Outside the City:

Castelli International School
A private day school overlooking Rome from the nearby Alban Hills with a fully bilingual Italian and English curriculum for elementary and middle school children. The school takes an innovative approach to education, offering activities such as community service, technology, student projects, drama, chess, cooking, paper recyling, as well as wine production and olive picking at the groves and vineyards that surround school grounds. A three-course meal and bus service from the Castelli area and south Rome are available. Castelli International is one of the few international schools of Rome with a two-week English immersion program for children aged 4 through 12.
Via degli Scozzesi, 13, Grottaferrata tel 06 943 15779  


CCI The Renaissance School
A private co-educational boarding school in a magnificent setting in eastern Abruzzo, fifteen minutes from the beaches, and less than three hours from Rome by train with easy access to other major Italian cities. CCI was the first Canadian secondary school in Italy. The school provides a rich academic program integrating the region's archeological, historical and artistic heritage. The English language curriculum is designed to ready students for university enrollment in the U.S.A., U. K., Canada or Europe.
Via Cavour, 13, Lanciano (Cheti) Abruzzo

Southlands English School
The school follows the English National Curriculum and children are prepared for their Key Stage tests as they progress through the grades. Italian children can prepare for their Italian Primary School Diploma exams (5a elementare). Grades from pre-nursery (age two) through 12, set on a spacious campus south of Rome.
Via Teleclide, 20 Casal Palocco tel 06 505 3932   

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