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Rome Shopping: PARIOLI


Rome Shopping Parioli WallThe Rome neighborhood known as Parioli gets its name from the Latin peraioli, referring to the pears that were grown in the region. Monti Parioli, a series of tufo hills, was also  used as a local rock quarry, in what was the Roman countryside. The Etruscans and then the Romans used the tufo (volcanic rock) in residential construction, even into the twentieth century. In 1909-1911 traces of ancient Rome were found on the grounds of the Villa Gloria, an enormous park at the north end of the neighborhood. During the Fascist period, Parioli evolved into the affluent upper  class Roman suburb it still is today. It was the preferred residential area for the hierarchy  of the regime and state functionaries.

Its southern border is the park of the Villa Borghese, rolling towards the Tiber River before it meets the quartiere Flaminio. At the north end, Parioli is bordered by the park at the Villa Glori and almost butts into the sustaining wall of the Parco della Musica, designed by architect Renzo Piano.

Today it is one of the city’s chicest neighborhoods with sloping, tree-lined streets and grand art nouveau and liberty architecture.  Shopping in Parioli, once felt like trying to gain entrance to a private club, but a new generation of savvy, fashion-conscious entrepreneurs is challenging the old guard.

This tiny shop is a hub of chic designs with a bit of edge. The owners, a pair of affable sisters, have brought together a well-balanced selection of women’s wear from Balenciaga’s little black dress to Habituai Jeans, to swimsuits by Laura Urbinati. The shoes by Lymcon’s of Parioli Shopping MortariNew York, are exclusive to the store and each pair is unique — one size per design. They also feature shoes by another off-the-charts label, Derek Lam’s “Collection Privee.” Though the shop is small, they manage to carry a number of fashion forward designers, including, Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Helmut Lang, Didier Ludot, Zandra Rhodes and Issa London. Many of these are exclusive to the store and cannot be found elsewhere in Rome.
Via Chelini, 15   tel. 06 8085815

Tricots: Stefano Mortari
Mortari’s collection, all in jersey, is his own design and production. The white serpentine wall on which the garments are displayed makes the perfect backdrop for his unique cutting technique and hand-finishing. Most of the designs have been cut from one piece of fabric and presented in an array of colors in cashmere, alpaca, merino wool or viscose.
Via Luciani, 39  tel 360 06816

Rome Shopping Parioli Bagheera


Boots and shoes galore fill this charming store decorated with floral frescoes. Trend followers will recognize the labels: Chloe, Marc Jacobs, Rene Cavalla, Miu Miu, Halite, Sonia Rykiel, Nannies, Rudolf Mender and Jam in Poach. Orlando, the house brand, is a funky selection of Victorian-inspired handbags made from recycled lace, velvet and textured fabrics.
Piazza Euclide 30  tel 06 807 00 46


This second Bagheera store offers an eclectic mix of clothing for men and women: ethnic chic, sequined nostalgia, evening wear and classic day wear, much of it with designer labels.
Via G Antonelli, 26   (a few meters from P.za Euclide)  tel 06 807 4401

Signum B
Fabiola Berardi was formally trained in fashion design and worked for some of Italy’s top houses before opening her own boutique. Artisan workmanship goes into her production of sweater sets in soft and vibrant colors. Suits, skirts and pants are comfortably designed with the working woman and busy mother in mind. Shoes by British footwear designer, Vivian Lee , and italian shoe designer, Giancarlo Paoli for SGN complete the look, along with along with a selection of accessories and hand-knit scarves.
Via di Villa San Filippo, 44  tel. 06 806 87 635

L’Oca Giuliva
The name translates as "the merry duck". Vera, the owner, formerly a costume designer for theatre and film, decided to open a shop selling attire recently worn by some of Italy’s famed film and TV stars. Most of the pieces have had a single wearing before being handed over to Vera for resale. The store, the only one of its kind in Rome, is well-stocked with separates, suits, cocktail wear and evening gowns, some with the price tags still attached.
Via Ruggero Fauro, 22   tel 06 807 4829

Over Booking
The merchandising here mirrors the fashion attitudes of Rome's younger generation: baggy layers, ethnic chic, and a smattering of tailored street wear for the office worker. Dark, brooding colors, lots of jewelry and accessories. Reasonably priced and trendy.
Via R Fauro, 33   tel. 06 808 1614

Rome Shopping Parioli Kids

Tech It Easy
In this hi-tech wonderland, you’ll find everything from a Mac iBook to an electric bicycle, decorative cigarette lighters, clocks for three time zones, lava lamps ,space age pens. Some items are just outright quaint, the use of many not readily apparent; others are more practical but look like toys. A fun place to shop for gifts.
Via D. Chelini, 19 tel 06.807 8904



16 Fauro Street
This is the shop for Roman kids who want the ultimate “Parioli Look." Sweats, t-shirts and jeans from a select group of labels, which happen to be "in" at the moment.
Via Ruggero Fauro, 16  tel. 06 807 6068

Bartocci Junior
At this Rome shop you can outfit your child for almost any occasion from school to sports to outerwear, including all the accessories — gloves, socks, shoes, scarves.
Via G. Castellini, 16/18  tel 06 807 0423

Age D’Or
Classic designs in quality fabrics for children 0-10. The shop is well stocked with underwear, street wear, formal and special occasion clothing.
Via Nino Oxilia, 6B/C   tel 06 807 9609

Rome Parioli Shirt FabricsMindena Camiceria
Custom-made shirts for men and women. Bolts and bolts of fabrics to choose from right there on the premises. Allow two weeks. One week for measuring and fitting, second week for execution.
Viale Bruno Buozzi, 23/25  tel 06 808 46 47

For the man with classic, modern taste and impeccable style, the store offers custom-made shirts in elegant fabrics as well as a ready-to-wear line of casual and professional attire — suits, separates, cashmere sweaters and outerwear. Accessories include ties, gloves and scarves. The seasoned staff provides a personalized Rome shopping experience in an intimate setting.
Via Antonio Bertoloni, 29/B   tel 06 808 2621

Rome Shopping parioli villa

At some point, most Italian men have shopped at one of these stores. Although the number of locations has been reduced in the past few years, the shops maintain their traditional line of appealing clothing and accessories. Some ready-to-wear clothing is also available for women.
Piazza Euclide, 27/28  tel. 06 8070 118
Also near the Spanish Steps at Via Borgognona, 13   tel. 06 6790  660


It's a telling sign of the neighborhood that it includes a shop dedicated to staff uniforms: everything for the butler or maid, as well as clothing for nurses, waiters and so on.
Via Bruno Buozzi, 21  tel. 06 8073109 

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