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The Best in Rome Shopping: GIFTS AND HOUSEWARES

Campo de' Fiori l Trastevere | Pantheon |Navona| Trident l Monti


You never know what you might find in this Rome shop, but whatever it is, you won’t find it cheaper anywhere else. In the heart of the old ghetto, the place stocks everything: pots and pans, lipsticks, cleaning products, hairdryers and blenders. You’ll find gift items that look like they’re worth a lot more — vases, candles, glasses and dishes. In the summer they carry inflatable beach toys and in the winter there's a department upstairs for Christmas decorations. A bargain hunter’s paradise.
Via Portico d’Ottavio, 3 tel. 06 681 92825 Open nonstop 9-20. Closed Sunday.

Blanc Mariclo
They call it "shabby style", but we'd call it charming. Sheets, tableclothes, candles, baskets, plates, all sorts of accessories, in signature blue and white and powdery pastels, with touches of lace and embroidery. It's vintage feeling that evokes a b bit of Provence, a bit of Umbria. You'll also find a few interesting pieces of furniture and a charming collection of baby things.All designed by sisters Mariangela and Claudia Federighi.
Via Arenula 78/79 (near Largo Argentina, Campo de' Fiori)

Leone Limentani
With arguably the most extensive selection of silver, porcelain, glassware and flatware in Rome, Limentani is ground zero for the bridal registry, as well as the place to find discounts on discontinued items. Break one of your favorite wine glasses? You’ll have the best chance of finding a replacement here. There are rooms and rooms of goods, some piled high and others artfully displayed. Leone Limontani began selling fine housewares in 1820, and the shop has been at its current location since 1920. Just steps away from the central synagogue, and adjacent to the ruins of the ancient Portico d’Ottavia.
Via del Portico d'Ottavia, 47/48 tel. 06 683 07000

This treasure hunt of a shop, may look like a jumble sale, but you can be sure to find bargains here: housewares of all sorts, handbags, lamps, candles, even small items of furniture and plenty of kitsch, or you might find a lovely vase at an incredible price.
Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 51 tel. 06 686 4238.


Cereria Di Giorgio
Family-run since 1908, this Rome shop provides candles to the Vatican. You’ll find enormous, decorated religious candles in an alcove here, but you’ll also find an entire room devoted to a variety of candleholders, as well as tapers in every color and size, perfumed candles, incense and much more. We stop by twice a year to stock up.
Via San Francesco di Sales, 85/a tel. 688 06060

Officina della Carta
Rome is full of little shops selling fine Italian paper goods, note cards, and the like. This atelier offers custom boxes, diaries, photo albums, made to order on the premises from a selection of exquisitepapers.
Via Benedetta, 26/b tel. 06.589 5557

Polveri di Tempo
The name means sands of time, and here you’ll find reproductions of ancient tools for measuring the hours — sundials, candles numbered to burn through the hours, hourglasses of all kinds. You’ll also find charming objects with an ancient look: globes, maps, compasses, leather-bound notebooks and unusual souvenir items, such as architectural drawings of Rome’s monuments.
Via del Moro. 59 tel. 06.588 0704


Antica Cartotecnica
Founded in 1930, this shop has maintained its original atmosphere, even after a very tasteful remodeling on the occasion of its 70th anniversary in 2000. The specialty here is pens, particularly fountain pens with a selection of vintage writing instruments from the ‘30s and ‘40s as well as many contemporary brands like Aurora, Mont Blanc, Omas and Parker's. They also carry notebooks, leather goods and offer printing services. Bring in your broken pens for repair.
Piazza dei Caprettari, 61 (around the corner from Piazza San Eustachio)

Amusing items of all sorts crowd this colorful Rome shop — inflatable chairs, clocks, rugs that look like patches of garden, plexiglass CD shelves, cell phone carriers, funny trash cans. But this isn't a gag shop. Most things are really well designed, including a sizeable sampling of the Alessi line. Our favorite item on our last visit: an easy chair shaped like a high-heeled shoe. A great place to find fun gifts, or the odd item for your home.
Piazza Rondanini, 32

Campo Marzio Design
The area around the Pantheon is replete with shops selling handmade paper goods and accessories. We love this one for its colorful leather goods and its selection of pens. Antique fountain pens are bought, sold and repaired here. On the contemporary side, you can find a hot pink or bright blue leather diary.
Via Campo Marzio, 41

Cartalina del Pantheon
In addition to the stationary and place cards, you’ll find whimsical cardboard music boxes in the guise of puppet theaters in these two area shops.
Via Maddalena, 41
Via della Rotonda, 5


The papers and leather products in this Rome boutique are all made expressly for the Fabriano brand, the oldest continuously operating papermill in Italy, which dates back to 1264, and boasts Michelangelo Buonarotti among its former clients. Today, the wares are decidedly contemporary and elegant. The shop is a great place to look for gifts. We love the red leather envelope designed to hold business cards, the sketch books, which are works of art in themselves, and the amusing fountain pens. Everything is arranged by color, so it’s easy to put together a “set.” And the papers are wonderful, made according to tradition yet modern in design. Pick up a few things for friends who still love to correspond the old-fashioned way.
Via del Babuino, 173

House & Kitchen
From Alessi kitchen gadgets to Villeroy & Bosch dinnerware, this shop has everything. A spacious store with several departments, it stocks an excellent selection of silk flowers and candles, as well as anything you can imagine for the kitchen and table.
Via del Plebiscito, 103

On the second floor of this little Rome shop, you’ll find a breathtaking selection of beautiful hand-painted ceramic tiles. The staff will help you redecorate a kitchen or bath, or you can just pick up a few special tiles to use as hot plates or accent pieces.
Via Camp Marzio 39

Il Papiro
With several shops in Rome, Il Papiro is a good source for gift items like sealing wax and seals as well as the usual paper delicacies.
Salita di Crescenza, 28
Via del Pantheon, 50



Alchemilla Maté
The faux flower arrangements at this shop are so extraordinary it may change the way you feel about silk flowers. Arrangements from small to the size of a piece of furniture are sold ready-made or custom designed to meet your specifications. You’ll also find a small but charming selection of gift items – some quite inexpensive, as well as a smattering of clothing and accessories.
Via del Governo Vecchio, 11

Archeo Roma
A great source for gifts and souvenirs, this shop carries reproductions of Etruscan sculptures, ceramic bowls and vases, tiles and jewelry at reasonable prices. A pair of earrings in gold, plated over .925 silver, sells for as little as €25. Larger pieces can be shipped anywhere in the world.
Piazza Madama, 1 Tel. 06 681 92514

Stop in to admire the housewares, well-priced and often tongue-in-cheek. There are sleek and modern glasses and decanters, unusual designs in flatware and dishes, tablecloths and bowls — always something amusing, such as the colorful silicone cups and saucers, or, depending on the season, a hot pink Christmas tree, or an umbrella for the terrace in citrus green raffia.
Via della Pace 38 tel. 06 6861218
Also at Via Salaria, 23
Via Crociferi, 42

De Sanctis
Despite the great tradition of Italian hand-painted ceramics, it’s hard to find a shop that sells the stuff in Rome. De Sanctis has been in Piazza Navona since 1890, offering a small but diverse selection of ceramics from all over Italy, including both traditional and modern pieces, such as the whimsical work of the popular Sicilian ceramicist De Simone.
Piazza di Pietra 24 tel. 06.688 06810

In Folio
This is a grown up toy store chock full of amusing modern design, from clocks to key chains to lamps to you name it. The stock is always changing but always fun. (Their motto is “accessories of the 21st century".) A great place to shop for gifts, super contemporary house wares or small appliances.
Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 261 tel. 06.6861446
Also at the Cinecittá Due shopping center.


Rome's cooking enthusiasts, and chefs who take pleasure in keeping current with the latest gadgets know this is the place to shop. Inspired by its own acronym, come una cucina ispira nuovi appetiti, (a well-equipped kitchen inspires new appetites), C.U.C.I.N.A. keeps getting better, expanding its inventory of table apparel, cookware, kitchen accessories and storage items in three well-stocked locations.
Via Mario dè Fiori, 65 tel. 06 679 1275 (Trident)
Via Flamina Vecchia, 679 tel. 06 333 2202 (Ponte Milvio)
Piazza Euclide, 40 06 807 8906 (Flaminio)
Via G.G. Belli 21 (Prati near Piazza Cavour)
Closed Monday Mornings

‘Gusto Kitchen Store
This corner of the ‘Gusto complex of restaurants occupies just enough space to turn around in but it's stocked with interesting and useful items — kitchen utensils (including hard-to-find truffle slicers and oyster knives), cook books (some of them English translations of texts on Italian cuisine), and the ‘Gusto trademark “made in Italy” aprons and T-shirts.
Piazza Augusto Imperatore, 9 tel 06 323 6363 Open daily

Indo-Roman Collection
Baronessa Gaia Franchetti’s travels have taken her to villages in India, China, Tibet, Laos, Pakistan, Cambodia and Turkey, in search of unique antique and hand-loomed fabrics. She sells them as yard goods or made up into colorful tablecloths, placemats, cushions, bed-coverings and drapery, scarves, shawls and street wear. The framed remnants of antique fabrics have the look of contemporary works of art.
In a second showroom across the corridor, Franchetti’s sister-in-law, Anna Franchetti, carries the Petra Sarda collection of Sardinian vases, bowls, jugs, plates and cups with speckled glazes in tones of blue, gray and green.
Via Gregoriana, 36 tel 06 691 90 908

Tech It Easy
In this hi-tech wonderland, you’ll find everything from a Mac iBook to an electric bicycle, decorative cigarette lighters, clocks for three time zones, lava lamps, space age pens. Some items are just outright quaint, the use of many not readily apparent; others are more practical but look like toys. A fun place to shop for gifts in Rome.
Via D. Chelini, 19 tel 06 807 8904 (Parioli)
Galleria Colonna, 43 tel 06 691 90433 (Spanish Steps)
Via del Gambero, 1 tel 06 693 80924 (Spanish Steps)
Via Arenula 35 (near Largo Argentina)


Atelier Monti
Architect Massimo Lucarini and Interior Designer Roberta De Angelis, who have long-standing ties to New York as well as Rome, have opened this atelier, stocking some of the most innovative Italian designs from table settings to kitchen fixtures. Look for their selection of lighting, made by the finest manufacturers from Murano to Milano, and works by artists working with light. Shop a wide selection of well-designed household necessities, from orange squeezers to table fans. We loved the modular carpet squares in beautiful colors and patterns. Lucarini and De Angeles are on hand to dispense advice.
Via Panisperna, 42 tel 06 478 24314

La Botteguccia
This little Rome shop carries jewelry, table lamps and gift items, many of them a step or two above the usual bric-a-brac, and most of it very reasonably priced. We loved the little evening bags in cut velvet and ribbon, filled with potpourri.
Via dei Serpenti, 89 tel 06 488 2755

Spazio Artigiano
Owner Cristina Venezia has assembled a treasure trove of hand-crafted items, including a great selection of Sicilian ceramics, hand-loomed textiles, reverse glass paintings from Romania, handmade scraves, jewelry, handbags, blown glass. Just a block from via Nazionale, but away from the bustling traffic. This is the best shop in Rome for unique gifts and those special touches for your home decor. In the New York Times, the shop was listed as one of the best places to find gifts under €100: "...an array of handmade items, with a specialty in Italian ceramics. Furniture lines the interior walls of the shop, displaying simple glazed pitchers from Le Marche, elaborate painted terracotta heads from Sicily and delicate porcelain from Venice. There are a handful of objects from the owner Cristina Venezia’s native Romania, as well: hand-painted Easter eggs in the spring and naive religious paintings on stained glass year-round.
Vicolo dei Serpenti 13 (just off Via Nazionale at the foot of Via dei Serpenti)
tel 06 48 24860


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